Electrician Pricing in London: Find the Best Electrician Price Per Hour

Emergency Call-Out 24 Hours – £120 + VAT

A Defined Electrician Pricing Structure with Competitive Rates

Our services have no unforeseen or secret fees. Before beginning any job, you will be fully aware of the electrician pricing, allowing you to manage your spending to the fullest degree possible.

You can use the breakdown of typical electrical expenditures that you can incur below as a guide. And if you need a quote for a specific job, why not send us the information using our online form? That way, we can respond to you with a precise estimate for your electrician cost London.

The hourly highly competitive rates for electrician pricing we have in the UK are given below.

Electrician price per hour - 24-hour electrician service

Day-to-Day Services


Electrician Day Rate

£450 + VAT

Hourly Rate for Electrician

£95 + VAT

Electrician Call-Out Fee

£120 + VAT

Emergency Electrician Cost

£150 + VAT

Saturday Service

Days of the Week
Hourly Rates


09:00 am – 13:00 pm

£150 + VAT


13:00 pm – 17:00 pm

£180 + VAT


17:00 pm – 00:00 am

£240 + VAT

My Local Electrician service van with Electrician Pricing
Electrician Cost London: Find the Best Electrician Price Per Hour

Advance Services


Water Heater Repair

£475 + VAT

Storage Heater Repair

£150 + VAT

Storage Heater Removal

£90 + VAT

Domestic Appliances Removal

£90 + VAT

Why we Provide the Best Services with Competitive Electrician Pricing Rates?

Our team of electricians is always up-to-date on the latest technology and safety regulations, ensuring that all of our customers receive the best possible service.

We have established strong relationships with our suppliers and have access to competitive electrician pricing. 

We also have a team of experienced electricians who are able to provide quality services in a timely manner.

Our commitment to customer service ensures that our customers are always satisfied with the work we provide.


The average day rate for an electrician varies greatly depending on the region, experience and qualifications of the electrician.Generally, electricians charge an average of $60 – $100 per hour or $400 – $1000 per day.

The cost of an emergency electrician in the UK can vary depending on the type of electrical work required. Generally, an emergency call-out fee will start at around £60-£80, with additional charges for the work carried out.

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