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Electrical Improvements to Increase Your House Value

A few Improvements

The following electrical upgrades and devices can significantly increase the resale value of your home and make a strong impression on potential buyers:

Electrician repairing a Electrical Panel

Electrical Panel Upgrade

A 100-amp panel may still be installed on your property if it is older. While this capacity used to be sufficient for most families, newer homes include 200-amp panels to fulfill the needs of current technologies.

An old electrical panel will always be discovered and analyzed during a property inspection, perhaps discouraging buyers or decreasing their offer.

Hiring an electrician to replace your electrical panel saves buyers time and generates a more significant impression, making this upgrade well worth the money. That is why we recommend the best electricians in London for this job.

According to some estimates, today’s average household consumes 30 to 50 percent more energy than before. As a result, your house’s electrical panels will need to be changed to keep growing demand. You’re simultaneously investing in your present and future by installing a new breaker box and electrical panel

Generator for Backup

Backup generators are an excellent addition to any home since they can provide electricity to critical areas during a power loss.

This is a handy feature in locations where power outages occur frequently. Potential purchasers can rest assured that their lighting, fridge systems, and sump pumps will continue to work regardless of the weather.

LED Fixtures

LED light fixtures to provide improved performance while lowering energy usage and expenses, making them an attractive addition to any home. Consider putting under-cabinet lighting in your kitchen and bathrooms in addition to traditional ceiling lights to offer even more attractiveness.

Smart Home

Smart thermostats, locks, and other devices may rapidly update the look and feel of your house while also making an excellent first impression on visitors.

Its updates can improve energy efficiency, security, and comfort while also improving the functioning of your house, making them a selling point for any property, in case of unavailability consider Storage Heater replacement for proper functioning.

Wiring Upgrades

The wiring in older homes may not have been changed in years, if not decades. Electrical shock, power surges, and electrical fires are all more likely due to this. It’s a good idea to get your rewiring done simultaneously as you install new electrical upgrades.

You’ll spare yourself the aggravation of dealing with power outages, but you’ll also make your home considerably safer. Electricians in London will be able to help you out with these upgrades.

Light Switches

People are again interested in adding sliders, even though the capability has been present for a long time. Of course, these sorts of light switches use the same amount of electricity, but they provide you with a lot more control over the overall atmosphere in a room. Several options are available, including 3-way panel sliders, dimmer switches, and even intelligent lighting.

Charging ports

Computers and smartphones are now ubiquitous. Tablets, as well. The demand for new locations to recharge appears to be growing by the day. You can free up existing electrical outlets while also creating fantastic areas around the house to charge your gadgets by installing charging stations.

Surge Protection

A bare power strip won’t always keep your household electronics safe. The only tried-and-true technique of fully protecting all of your home’s systems and equipment in a large electrical storm is installing whole-house surge protection measures. Renovations are the ideal moment to include this solution in your home.

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are at the very top of the list regarding home security. So, what if you could make your home extra safer by upgrading your smoke alarms? Smart smoke alarms have this advantage since they detect increasing temperatures faster and more subtly, sometimes even when more fire or smoke is present.


If you’re considering new construction, home renovations, or are currently upgrading your home, we strongly advise you to examine your home’s wiring and electrical equipment.

Electrical upgrades like the ones on this list can improve your quality of life, but they may also provide additional safety and security, which is truly priceless. Contact us today to have one of our locally qualified electricians in London assist you in deciding on the best house electrical upgrades.

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